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TimberLite is a leading system manufacturer of solid roofs for extensions or conservatories

We are the manufacturer of the Timberlite Roofing System. This system is designed as a lightweight roof, ideal for replacement conservatory roofs, or as an alternative for extension roofs. 


The roof is provided in a kit form so it can be installed quickly and easily, often within 2 days. 


It meets all of the Building Regulation requirements for structural performance, and has an unrivalled low insulation U-Value of just 0.13

The roof exterior is finished in either light-weight steel tiles that have the visual effect of a traditional house roof tile, or a slate effect tile, meaning it is easy to match up the TimberLite roof with the roof of the existing property. 


The inside ceiling is finished with plasterboard, which is skimmed and decorated to the customer's taste.


Roof windows are also available to allow ventilation and add extra light into the room.  

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